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Dr. Miranda Tang is a California and Nationally licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist serving individuals of all ages. Her educational background includes a Bachelor Degree in Sports Medicine, Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctorate at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and orthopedic and pediatric training from Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University in Hangzhou, China.

Dr. Tang has worked with a wide range of patients including infants with common colds, teenagers with PMS symptoms, young athletes with sports injuries, adults with migraines and seniors recovering from a stroke. Dr. Tang is passionate about relieving pain. Her treatments have helped children, seniors, athletes, and families deal with everything from chronic pain to stress management.

She is a native San Franciscan who enjoys spending her free time hiking, cooking, running, traveling, and exploring the Bay Area with her family.


Why Home Visits?

I believe that your health should be something you address as a regular part of your day, just like doing homework or cooking a meal. That’s why I do home visits – so that the entire household can conveniently and preventively care for themselves.

When you bring health into your home, as a regular part of your routine, you can address potential problems before they grow. You also set a great example for your kids to follow well into their later years.

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lg_quoteMiranda is a true healer-caring, up-to-date, extremely well-educated, and professional. She is everything you want an acupuncturist to be, AND she makes house calls! Heaven.

– Pamela W. San Francisco, CA



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